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Declassifying the Secrets Behind the 45th IES Gold Prize
Date: 2018-11-27   Hits: 829

        At the 45th IES Illumination Awards Awards Ceremony, Yongdian Lighting won the only gold medal in the IES Lighting Award for its love project in Shandong Weihai Sakura Lake. Weihai Sakura Lake Love Ring Sculpture has won the favor of international lighting authority experts with colorful lighting interactions to create a dynamic lighting experience. It has won the IES Award in the world's oldest lighting industry and appeared in 2018. The awards ceremony was held in Boston, USA on the 9th.





    The Weihai Sakura Lake Love Project landscape lighting and somatosensory interactive control system are all provided by Hangzhou Yongdian Lighting Co., Ltd. As one of the three famous lighting design awards in the world, the IES Award represents the highest level of global lighting design. Being recognized at such a grand event is of great significance to the company. As the provider of lighting and somatosensory interactive control technology in the “Love of Weihai Sakura Lake” project, the Foreign Trade Director of Hangzhou Yongdian Lighting Co., Ltd. participated in the on-site award ceremony on behalf of the company.




    Awarding site (front row left 5: Director of Foreign Trade, Yongdian Lighting)



    The IES Gold Award is designed to reward extraordinary achievements in lighting design. Then, what kind of charm does the somatosensory interactive control technology that allows Yongdian Lighting to pick up the laurels? The “Lighting Man” column in this issue will be implemented in the Weihai Sakura Lake Love Project through the somatosensory interactive control technology. The R&D and design of hardware control, software programming, animation and other interactive control systems were analyzed to solve the secret behind the 45th IES Gold Award.


     IES Only Gold Award: Love of Weihai Sakura Lake


    Sakura Lake Love is a ring sculpture located in Weihai Sakura Lake Sports Park. The sculpture is 42 meters high and carries the architectural aesthetics of the traditional Chinese heaven and earth. In the groove of the sculpture, a light belt consisting of a custom-made secondary package 70 line lamp is installed. The light belt is laid along the circular contour. After lighting at night, the sculpture transforms into a huge colorful color ring. In the park and beyond, it becomes the most important visual focus.


    Sakura Lake Sports Park combines the original ecological environment with modern facilities to provide a diverse sports experience for the public. In the sculptural light presentation, the sport of riding a bicycle is also used as a carrier to create the interaction between people and lighting. The sculpture lighting fixtures have built-in electric power interactive control system, which is connected with the bicycle. The system can change the rate of pedaling into a control signal through the sensor to change the light embedded in the sculpture. The light changes with the speed of the rider. . For example, the faster a bicycle rides, the faster the light changes. There are 10 corresponding changes in the 10 seconds of riding. When a rider rides the fastest, the light changes are mainly driven by him. The 12 bicycles on the spot can be divided into three modes: cooperation mode, single player competition and group competition.


    The colorful lighting interaction method creates a dynamic lighting experience, which not only realizes the interaction between people and lighting, but also the interaction and communication between people, which also fits the sports spirit of sports, called Sakura Lake. The "finishing touch" of the sports park.


     Decryption: Somatosensory Interactive Control Technology


    In last year's "Dragon's LED high-power floodlights dismantling record" we said: Light is a physical phenomenon, it has no preferences, attributes. However, we can control the technology to make light work for me. In the general landscape lighting project, the design and application of light is more often the lighting designer has the final say. However, in the "Love of Weihai Sakura Lake" project, any participating citizen can control the change of light.




    Today, when the Internet is heating up, the consumption concept of consumer groups has changed a lot. User experience and scene experience have become indispensable considerations in design, and design is everything related to people. This year's IES Lighting Awards awarded the highest award, the Gold Award, to the Sensual Interactive Control System of Yongdian Lighting, which is in line with the current market trend.


    Then, how does the somatosensory interactive control system realize the interaction between light and people, and ultimately lead to the interaction and communication between people and between people and nature?


    Before introducing the Somatosensory Interactive Control System, let's take a look at the common lighting control systems and their respective characteristics.



    We have learned that the lighting control system of Yongdian Lighting has achieved satellite synchronization control and mobile APP control. The self-developed Internet control system can realize the simultaneous linkage of multi-site landscape lighting. The remote management unit can be connected to the Internet at any time. Log in to the location and manage the entire project.


    The somatosensory interactive control system independently developed by Yongdian Lighting is more like an instructor, enabling lighting and human motion to be coordinated by real-time animation generation software. So, how is a qualified and excellent somatosensory interactive control system made?




     Choose a suitable sensor


    The sensor can be said to be the vanguard of the somatosensory interactive control system, a high-end sensor, a high-tech instrument that is thinner and more precise than the mobile phone. However, not every sensor is suitable for use in the field of lighting, especially in the field of outdoor lighting. Therefore, the choice of sensors, especially for the somatosensory interactive control system for outdoor lighting, the choice of sensors should be considered as the lighting products, such as weather resistance, salt spray resistance, waterproof rating, flame retardant rating, UV resistance Grade and so on. If you don't have an in-depth understanding of the outdoor product application environment, then it is difficult to choose a suitable sensor. On the other hand, after the sensor is bought back, it cannot be used directly. Because it is necessary to consider the application environment and the difference in installation methods, it is necessary to make corresponding changes to the waterproof structure and circuit structure of the sensor.


    In order to find a suitable sensor, Yongdian Lighting has used its professional and resources in outdoor products to find a good pioneer for the somatosensory interactive control system through professional channels.


     Development Software: Linking Sensors and Fixtures


    Choosing a suitable sensor is just the first step to success. We know that lighting has its own system. There is a bridge between the sensor and the lighting system, or a software is needed to re-integrate the sensor and lighting system, and then form a separate system. This is also the whole somatosensory interactive control system. The core technology and key links.


    The somatosensory interactive control system also needs another important function, that is, to debug the sensor according to different external environments, because the original lighting system, including the more complicated Internet system, does not actually include the function of the sensor, so It is necessary to develop and perfect the functions of this software system for various types of sensors, and achieve a high degree of integration between the sensor and the lighting system.


    Just like all software development, the development of this software is not a one-step thing, and the progress and maturity of the entire software system is a process that takes time to precipitate.


    Five years ago, the Hangzhou West Lake Fireworks Festival changed its lighting show for environmental and safety reasons. As a well-known lighting company in Hangzhou, Yongdian Lighting first tried to set up an interactive lighting device on the edge of the West Lake. It was also the first generation of the somatosensory interactive control system. Today, the interactive lighting device was a bit blunt, heavy and rough, and it was precisely from that time that Yongdian Lighting began to pay attention to people's pursuit of lighting interaction, and began to invest a lot of manpower and resources for research and development. From the professionalism of the industry, Yongdian Lighting is the first enterprise in China to develop a somatosensory interactive control system. The somatosensory interactive control system also includes interactive control methods such as temperature, sound, wind speed, infrared, pressure and gestures. This year, when IES awarded the gold medal to Yongdian Lighting, it is both an affirmation of the efforts made by Yongdian Lighting in lighting interaction, and also encourages people to go out more and interact and communicate with light, people and nature.


     Innovative Animation: Content is King


    In order to realize the interaction between people and lighting, in addition to the environment, products, technology and corresponding software, the more important thing is the interactive content, which is also the soul of an interactive product. For example, from the data collected by one sensor to the final animation or interactive content. Therefore, the innovation and programming of content is the soul of all of this.