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COB LED small pitch display market prospects are promising, manufacturers layout is positive
Date: 2018-11-27   Hits: 843

         LED small spacing shows market trends


    LED small pitch (≤ P2.5) shows that the product has been growing at a high rate since the birth of the product, and has experienced a high growth rate of doubling every year in the past few years, and a large market growth pattern of Chinese manufacturers, according to LEDinside research. It shows that the market size of indoor small spacing (≤P2.5) in 2018 is about 1.197 billion US dollars, and the annual growth rate is as high as 39%, mainly from the continuous fermentation of ultra-small spacing trend in the future. It is estimated that the CAGR will reach 2018~2022. 28%.


    According to the dot spacing displayed by the small spacing of LEDs, the distance between the largest revenues of global LED small pitches in 2018 has reached P1.2~P1.6, accounting for 39%, with the demand of consumers for display effects. Gradually increasing, with the further decline in cost, products with P1.2~P1.6 and smaller pitches below P1.1 will have the most growth momentum in the next few years. The CAGR of 2018~2022 is expected to reach 32% and 62% respectively. .



    Global LED small pitch display market size estimate


    In recent years, with the development of ultra-small-pitch display technology such as Mini/Micro LED, the market structure is slowly changing. In the field of ultra-small pitch (≤P1.0) display, domestic and foreign display manufacturers have successively introduced a pitch of P0. The products of .7~P0.9 are actively deployed in the field of ultra-small-pitch display, and even many traditional panel manufacturers have actively joined the business war of "competing the right to speak in the future". They have developed and launched related projects through capital and technology. Products, develop channels to seize the market.


    According to the application scenarios of LED small-pitch display, it can be roughly divided into six categories: broadcast application, security monitoring, enterprise and education, retail, public area and transportation, hotel and theater. From the perspective of the proportion, the largest application of LED small-pitch display is from enterprises and education, accounting for 39%, followed by commercial retail, accounting for 19%; from the future growth rate, with the commercial display gradually mature The improvement of cost performance, it is estimated that these two markets are also the application areas with the most growth space.


     LED ultra-small pitch (≤ P1.0) mainstream packaging technology comparison


    With the gradual shrinking of Pitch, for the traditional SMD package form, since the single LED device is too small, the processing accuracy and the process difficulty are correspondingly improved, which is limited by the accuracy level of the existing equipment and the matching device, and the current indoor small The pitch package mass production product is maintained at 0606 LED and is close to its physical limit.



    SMD and COB packaging technology structure comparison


    Compared with SMD package, COB has many advantages, which can effectively avoid the problem of dead light and bad light caused by damp, static and other environmental or human factors in small-span LED of SMD package; uniform illumination, approximate surface light source, can effectively eliminate moiré Reduce glare and glare; compared with SMD through four solder joints, COB LED is directly mounted on the PCB, directly through the PCB board to dissipate heat, the heat dissipation effect is good; COB technology cancels the SMD bracket and SMT reflow soldering, no welding Risk, reliability, COB surface protection, can withstand greater external forces, thus reducing the cost of subsequent damage and repair.


    Of course, the current cost of COB will be higher. The RGB LED chip is placed on the PCB and fixed with black glue. The cost of mold opening is increased, and the cost after scale is expected to be reduced.



    SMD and COB packaging technology display performance comparison


     Domestic related manufacturers continue to force COB small-pitch display


    At present, display manufacturers are also actively developing COB packages for small-pitch displays and launching related products, such as Lehman shares of domestic manufacturers. Currently, the product spacing of COB small-pitch displays is P0.9/P1.2/P1. .5/P1.9, point spacing above P0.5 can be achieved in the future.


    Compared with other display manufacturers, Lehman has more than ten years of experience in display manufacturing. The main advantage is that Lehman has 14 years of advanced LED packaging experience, and 4 years of COB technology research and development, relying on rich packaging and The display technology has accumulated experience, and its products have excellent performance in reliability, color saturation, color consistency, etc., and have been widely used in security, military, commercial and other fields.




    Lehman Optoelectronics small-pitch COB HD display has been successfully applied to command centers, monitoring centers, conference rooms, etc.


    Display technology involves multiple links. Lehman integrates innovations in the entire industry chain technology around COB, including LED chip wavelength and brightness correction; meets high reliability and long-term application PCB board technology; and meets the requirements of highly integrated COB display driver ICs; The calibration of the splicing screen color consistency requirements is met; the lens molding process is used in the packaging technology to reduce the difference in batch molding. Improve the technological progress of the entire display industry chain by addressing new issues arising from COB.



    Lehman Optoelectronics carries out technological innovation in the industrial chain and COB around high display quality


    In addition to the current small-pitch display, Lehman also has plans for the future display technology Mini and Micro LED. It is expected to launch the P0.9 Mini LED in March next year, and it is expected to launch the P0.6Mini LED in the second quarter of 2019. Micro LED is expected to be launched in 2020. In addition, COB display technology is also an important technical component of Micro LED technology.


    At present, the COB small pitch has a market share of less than 5% in the LED small-pitch market. With the market's recognition of COB display technology and the development of the refined trend, the future COB small-pitch market space is expected to further expand.


    Source: LEDinside